Lifeguard Instructor Recertification Training R24
Date: Apr. 21, 2024
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


During the in-person session of the Lifeguarding Instructor Recertification course, you will be required to complete a skill practice and polish session. You will be assigned one skill or category of skills to teach to your peers. In addition, you will practice and demonstrate instructor-level proficiency in selected skills and two scenarios. This means you should be able to perform the skills at the standard (or near the standard and can correct quickly to the standard with minimal remediation) during the skill practice and polish. Prior to attending the in-person session, you should prepare for the skill practice and polish by reviewing the appropriate videos, skill sheets and Skill Chart and Skill Assessment Tools from the basic-level Lifeguarding program (r. 24). During the skill practice and polish you will practice and demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:
■ Entries and approaches
■ Active rescues at the surface ■ Passive rescues at the surface
■ Passive submerged rescues in shallow, moderate-depth and deep water
■ Feet-first and head-first surface dives in deep water
■ Rapid extrication using a backboard
■ Two-rescuer CPR (adult) with AED
■ Scanning and rotations
■ Spinal motion restriction and extrication in shallow water
■ Multiple-Rescuer Team Response Scenario 3––Adult Passive Submerged
■ Multiple-Rescuer Team Response Scenario 2––Infant on Land Following Water Rescue

You are required to bring the following materials that support the r. 24 Lifeguarding program to the in-person session of the Lifeguarding Instructor Recertification course:
■ Lifeguarding Instructor’s Manual (sections A, B and G)
■ Lifeguarding Instructor’s Deck Book (optional)
■ Lifeguarding Manual (optional) To access course materials, go to the Red Cross Learning Center ( and navigate to the Instructor Lifecycle > Instructor Candidate Resources > Lifeguarding. You may also purchase printed materials from the Red Cross Store ( via the link to the store on the Home Page of the Red Cross Learning Center.

To successfully complete the course and receive certification, you must:
■ Complete the Lifeguarding Instructor Recertification course online session.
■ Complete the basic-level Lifeguarding Blended Learning course online session.
■ Attend the entire course and participate in the in-person session.
■ Complete the skill practice and polish session, demonstrating skills to the standard.
■ Conduct one teaching assignment as part of the skill practice and polish session. ■ Pass the Lifeguarding Instructor Recertification Course written exam with a minimum score of 80 percent

Class - Friday 4pm -8pm; Saturday/Sunday 8am-4pm.  Please bring towels, 1 piece swim suit, googles, snacks/lunch and water bottle. This is a BLENDED Learning Class.  You must complete the online portion prior to Friday night.

Location: Appleton West Zepka Pool
Address:  Badger Avenue
Appleton, WI